Event rent

Event rent for conferences and parties

  • You can choose between a day package and a half-day package
  • 40-60 people
  • Restaurant kitchen - We arrange food as desired, come with any enquiries.
  • A guided tour of the farm is included
  • Suitable for confirmation, weddings, anniversaries, jubilee, family gatherings...
  • We can help with boat transportation
  • We have two rooms available for receptions, social events and conferences.

The main room

The main room - Space for approx. 60

The main room is on the first floor of the fleet, next door to the kitchen, with a good view of the cage facility. The venue is equipped with a projector and Bose sound system in the ceiling, distributed throughout the room. This makes it favorable for conferences and screenings for larger groups. The main room has room for 60-70 people for entertainment, about twice as much for screenings or lectures.

The upper floor

The upper floor - Space for approx. 40

The second floor has a great view in all directions, a projector in the ceiling and a sound system with teleloop. There is an attached outdoor superstructure with a barbecue hook. Particularly favorable room for conferences, and has space for 40 people for entertainment, and double that for lectures.

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