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See how salmon farming is run. You get to see the fish in the cage, taste the salmon that we produce, and a trip with RIBs in our beautiful archipelago that you won't soon forget.

The tour includes

  • Duration: approx. 2 hours
  • 15 min boat trip with RIB boat, one way. We pick you up and bring you from the quay at Fitjar.
  • Guided tours with experienced viewing hosts.
  • Display at the feeding studio and in our exhibition.
  • We have boots, immersion suits and life jackets in all sizes.
  • Taste the salmon.
  • Knowledge of salmon farming.
  • Possibility to order lunch or dinner (see separate menu).
  • Suitable for all ages - from small children to the elderly.
  • We can organize boat transportation from other locations than Fitjar, contact us for an offer

Tours every day, unless there is a storm. Our enclosed boat MS Ingeborg is comfortable in most weather conditions. We have safety equipment in all sizes for all our guests, included in the price for boat transportation.

Food and drink in the restaurant

It is possible to order lunch or dinner at the viewing centre. We serve food based on our own and local products, delicious dishes prepared by our own chef.
You can drop by the restaurant in your own boat during the summer.

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The display and the exhibition

The exhibition takes you from farming as it once started to the modern operation today. The salmon's life cycle, sustainable development, footprint and future are some of the topics taught.

How to get here

The display facility is located in Fitjarøyane north of Engesund and is located by the breeding facility on the west side of Dyrholmen. Since this is a food fishery located on the sea, you need a boat to get there. You can either bring your own boat, or we can pick up a diver in one of our boats. The trip in itself is an experience, and you get close to the sea and nature in the beautiful archipelago outside Fitjar.

If you are going to Engesund Fiskeopdrett Visningsenter by road, you drive to the center of Fitjar. Fitjar is 10 minutes from the E39 at Sandvikvåg and 30 minutes from Leirvik south of Stord, midway between Bergen and Haugesund. There is therefore good access both from the south and the north along the road. On special occasions, we can pick up from places other than Fitjar, for example it is a short distance across to Austevoll and Bømlo via the sea route. For transport, we have to make some delays due to the weather.


Telephone:951 89 950


Karina Gautefall Bunes
E-mail: karina@engesund.no
Phone: 951 89 950 (not SMS)

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