Sustainable operation

Sustainable aquaculture and research!
Engesund Fiskeoppdrett is constantly seeking to improve its operations, both in terms of economy and sustainability.

Aquaculture has the potential to be one of the most important sources of food in the future, but in order to achieve this, it must be based on sustainability. Engesund is involved in a number of specific research and development projects that will increase the viability of aquaculture. Engesund will take care of the environment around the cages and the fish in the cages. In this way, our focus on sustainability will give us a tasty quality product that is made in interaction with nature.

Collaboration with research institutions, supplier companies, consultants and other fish farmers is central to our innovation projects. Through collaboration, the projects are well thought out, and many heads can come up with good solutions. The aquaculture industry is open, and any results from our projects benefit the entire industry, both through information sharing and public reporting.

Our production is secured by a solid quality system, and Engesund is now both Global G.A.P. and ASC certified.

What are we doing?

Engesund has invested considerable resources in innovation and development. The projects are carried out in collaboration with research institutions, consultants, suppliers and other fish farmers. Below are links to some examples:

Closed containment fish farms
Lumpfish farming and lice control
Cultivation of seaweed
See an overview of our projects here.