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Gift cards


We at Engesund Fish Farming Display Centre want everyone who wants to have the opportunity to visit us.
The aquaculture industry in Norway is a very important industry, not only for Norway, but also for the rest of the world.
With us, you can see the fish in the cage, taste the salmon, learn about the history, the salmon's life cycle, export and sustainable food production.

With this gift card, you can bring the whole family out to the viewing centre for FREE.
We will take you by boat from Fitjar town centre to the exhibition centre and back to Fitjar.
At the viewing centre there will be a guided tour.
The tour with transport takes approx. 2 hours.
This gift card does NOT expire, but great if it is used before 2023.
It is possible to order lunch/dinner at the visitor centre.

We deliver gift cards to all households in Fitjar, Stord, Bømlo, Tysnes and Austevoll municipalities.
If you have not received a gift card before January, please contact us!

For information and booking;
tel. 951 89 950 or