Autumn Thanksgiving

Haustakkefest 28 October at 17.00

Me invites you to a five-course gourmet dinner on the island of Fitjar. In addition to a great nature experience, local food is at the heart of the party. With this party, I want to give people a taste experience of unique, local ingredients. It is artisan food, made with love. Raw materials from, among others, Engesund, Fitjar gardsmat, Hogste gardsmat and Fitjargarden will be served.

The restaurant of Engesund Visningssenter is located on the raft at the northern end of the ancient ship channel in Fitjarøyane. Out here in the archipelago, we have built a visitor centre where you can get a close-up view of aquaculture. The gourmet food we serve is prepared by a master chef. The hosts promise you a very special experience.

"Hausttakkefest has been celebrated in Norway since 1899. It is often celebrated in connection with Michaelmas. In the USA, this feast is celebrated as a national holiday called Thanksgiving (Store Norske Leksikon)"

It's not just food that is served this evening. All the ingredients have their unique stories, which deserve a proper presentation. Guests will get stories and pictures of both the ingredients and producers, framed by musical performances by Lisa Instefjord Gilje. We hope that all the senses will be used this evening and that the guests will be proud of the food we produce here in Norway.

There are 30 places available, and both groups and individuals can sign up.
Dates: Friday 28 October 17:00 - 21:00

Registration deadline: 24 October
Price: 845,- per person including boat transport (795,- per person if you come with your own boat) Meeting at Fitjarsjøen 2, from here there will be boat transport to the party venue. The party is out on the raft at Dyrholmen, northwest of Engesund.

Practical information:
They will be provided with:
- Life jacket for RIB sailing (wind and waterproof) or life jacket in MS Ingeborg (closed boat)
- Buff/neck
We recommend that you bring/wear your own:
- Good shoes for the boat trip (boots if it rains), it is a good idea to bring nice shoes to wear inside the party room.
- Outerwear - rainwear in case of rain (can be worn under the flotation suit)
- Hat and gloves if cold
- Camera
- return boat trip on MS Ingeborg or RIB
- five-course dinner at the viewing centre
- cultural and musical performances.
Meeting between 16:45-17:00. Departure from Fitjarsjøen 2, at 17:05
Duration: 4 hours

Weather conditions: For the safety and well-being of our guests, we do not launch the boats if the weather is not good enough. Should your trip be cancelled, you will of course get your money back and a 20% discount on your next event with us.

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Autumn Thanksgiving
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