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Engesund Fish Farm and Display Center

Healthy and safe salmon from the cold and clear fjords of Norway.

Sustainable operations

Engesund Fish Farm is passionate about the environment and it is our strong belief that the key to a sustainable business is a happy fish, which is achieved by a sustainable operation of the fish farms. We have several innovative projects running and we cooperate with researchers to constantly improve on sustainability. We are currently working on a Closed cage fish farm and we are on our second season of a project where we are trying out co-location of seaweed farming and a fish farming.


Our product

The cold norwegian coast is an ideal place for fish farming. As well as a sustainable focus, we have put a lot of effort into our fish food recipe to get a high quality fish, so we can do what is most important to us – present a high quality, trustworthy product for our customers.

Closed cage fish farm at sea

A closed cage fish farm at sea increases the utility of an area, as you can put the cage in localities that is not necessarily ideal for fish farming, and you have much better control the environment inside the cage. These cages are better for the environment and the fish is exposed to lice a much shorter time of the production time.

The fish is in the closed cage from about 0,4 kg til 1,5 kg. A drum filter on the intake of seawater, filters out lice larvae amongst other things. Another filter on the drain draws all the sludge/fertilizer from the fish. Sludge and fertilizer are stored on own tanks that have approximately 200 tons of capacity, and is shipped to processing for further use for other purposes such as biogas, fuel, fertilizer and in the concrete industry. See images of our closed fish farm concept here.

Co-location of seaweed production and fish farming

Engesund has been growing seeweed since 2016 as part of a research program together with the research institution Møreforskning.
Co-location of seaweed farming and a fish farming intends for the seaweed to make use of the sludge/fertilizer that the salmon produce, hence increase seaweed production. This method is called IMTA. We also see that the production of seaweed close to the fish cages have positive effects on the production of salmon, as it almost works like a natural lice protection cover, attracting small fish and organisms that eat the lice larvae. Seaweed farms can also calm down the waves at vulnerable sites.

Visit our Display Center

Opening hours

The visitor centre is open everyday on request

Call for booking +47 951 89 950 or send an email visning@engesund.no

Guided tours for 1 – 50 people

Possible to order food for groups over 4 people


School events

Business events

Sushi course

Birthday parties etc.



Summer season (mid-June to mid-August)

Guided tours eveyday

Cafe everyday, come with your own boat

Fitjar touristinformation at Fitjarsjøen 2


Tours on the center: 250 NOK adult, 150 NOK kids (0-18years old)

100 NOK if you come in your own boat

Rib-boat trip: 3500 NOK per hour

2500 NOK per hour in coorporation with tour on the center.

Tours include

  • Tour at the fish farm and our exhibition: 1,5 timer
  • 20 minute boat ride out to the fish farm with our rib. We pick you up and bring you back to the pier at Fitjar.
  • Experienced guides
  • Taste our salmon
  • We share our knowledge about production of salmon.
  • We will bring you around the fish farm and our exhibition.
  • For an additional charge, you can order lunch or dinner
  • Suitable for all ages
Tours every day with reservation to the weather being okay. We have thermal suits in all sizes. Bring warm clothes and comfortable shoes.


Food and drink in the restaurant

It is possible to call and order lunch or dinner at the Display center. We serve food based on our own products, prepared by our very own chef.

How to get here

The display center and fish farm is situated in the Fitjar islands, north of Engesund and east of Dyrholdmen. Since this is a operational fish farm, it is at sea and you will need a boat to get there. You can use your own boat, or we can bring you there and back with our rib boats «Nylei» eller «Luso» from Fitjar Harbour. You will come close to the sea and nature in the beautiful island of Fitjar.

In special cases, we can pick up from other locations. Weather can sometimes be rough, so all scheduled tours/transport are subject to cancellation due to weather.

By car to Fitjar

Fitjar is only 10 minutes from E39 at Sandvikvåg and 30 minutes from Leirvik south of Stord (midway between Bergen and Haugesund). It is thus easy to access both from the south and north along the road. It is also a short distance to Austevoll and Bømlo via the sea road.