Boat cafe menu summer 2021

NB! The menu may vary from day to day.

The dishes can be adapted according to allergens. Ask our waiter.


Salad with smoked salmon 140

Salad, smoked salmon, feta cheese and dressing. Served with bread and butter.

[Allergens; milk, red fish, mustard, gluten]


Lemon salmon w/potato salad 185,-

Sous vide cooked salmon with lemon, served with sour cream potato salad and cucumber salad.

[Allergens; red fish, milk, mustard]


Salmon wrap 90,-

Salmon in tortilla, with salad, cheese, tortilla chips and taco dressing

[Allergens; Raw fish, gluten, milk]


Fish soup 195

Fish soup based on stock of white fish and shellfish, with pieces of salmon and

oyster, vegetables and cream. Served with bread and butter

[Allergens; Fish, shellfish, milk, onion]


Salmon burger 160

Salmon burger 130g, with aioli, tomato, lettuce and onion

[Allergens; wheat, onion, milk, raw fish]


Toast with smoked salmon 120

Smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and toast

[Allergens; raw fish, eggs, gluten]



Raspberry fromage frais 90,-

[Allergens; milk, wheat]


Chocolate mousse 90,-

[Allergens; milk]

Ice cream cake 110,-

[Allergens; milk, nuts, eggs]



Bubble water 20

Soft drinks 30

Elø Crow Silver (non-alcoholic) 35,-

Coffee 25

Espresso 30

Cappuccino 35

Latte 45

Mocha 45,-

Tea 15