Healthy and safe salmon from the cold and clear fjords of western Norway



roe crackers

Roe biscuit farming and natural lice control

A natural biological way to remove lice.

Salmon lice are one of the biggest challenges in the fish farming industry. Work is being done intensively to find methods for efficient and environmentally friendly removal of salmon lice.


The well boat "Hordagut" will be built at Fitjar mechanical workshop (FMV) and delivered in April 2020.

Together with four other farming companies in Austevoll, Fitjar and Bømlo, Blom Fiskeoppdrett has established Hordalaks AS, which has contracted one of the country's largest well boats with a whopping 4,700 m3 cargo space.

Close facility

Close facility

Closed facilities increase the utilization of space, it becomes easier to control the environment inside the facility and you avoid problems with lice.

In 2014, 3 categories of green concessions were awarded to the industry. The Fisheries Department announced "Green Konesjonar"